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Ecuador, San José de Minas - Light Roast - Double Anaerobic Washed (Pre-Order: Ships 4/27) - Peach Coffee Roasters

Ecuador, San José de Minas - Light Roast - Double Anaerobic Washed

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Flavor Profile

  • Bright

  • Creamy

  • Floral

  • Lemon

  • Smooth

Double Anaerobic Washed - Single Estate - Ecuador

Pink Lemonade - White Tea-like Body - Candied Finish

As part of our Ripe for the Picking series, we bring you the Ecuador San José de Minas - our first coffee from Ecuador! This coffee is an experimental double anaerobic washed process. As compared to other anaerobic coffees we've roasted, the San José Minas is not a fermenty, super fruity cup. It is a crisp, clean sip. Delicate throughout the life of the brew, we get pink lemonade tasting notes and high acidity. As a light roast, the body is white tea-like and silky. The sweetness arrives late to the party to finish yet another suburb coffee drinking experience from the Ripe for the Picking series. 

Galo Morales is quickly becoming the top name in Ecuador coffee production. His farm continuously produces award winning coffees year-over-year. The farm, Finca Cruz Loma, is very much a family business. He and his daughters run the technical side of the operation, while his wife, Maria Alexandria, handles marketing and promotion. Their cohesive teamwork puts Finca Cruz Loma on the map as a place to find the best quality Ecuador has to offer. We are honored to roast and serve their creation.