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GA 400 - Medium Roast Espresso Blend - Peach Coffee Roasters

GA 400 - Medium Roast Espresso Blend

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Medium - Espresso/Drip

Syrupy  l  Dark Chocolate  l  Dried Fruit 


Coffee Review scored the GA 400 blend at a 93 out of 100 with the following description, “Fruit-toned, chocolaty. Dried apricot, chocolate fudge, oak, honeysuckle, almond brittle in aroma and small cup. Velvety mouthfeel; fruit- and chocolate-toned finish. In three parts milk, chocolate, and almond notes converge for a dessert-like experience, with a hint of dried apricot.”

A blend of a washed Colombia coffee from the region of Huila and natural-processed Zambia that complement each other with primary notes of both chocolate and fruit.