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Peach Coffee Roasters Blog

  • Meals On Wheels Atlanta: October 2020 Pledge

    Meals On Wheels Atlanta (MOWA) leads the fight to end hunger amongst senior populations in the Greater Atlanta Area. Serving over a half-a-million meals per year, they are one of the most effective nonprofits in Georgia. Due to the pandemic, they face extreme challenges to continue their good work. From increases in service demand to cancelling major fundraisers, they still manage to have a tremendous impact. 

    Learn more about MOWA and how they are taking on the effects of the pandemic head-on. Also, find out ways you can get involved and make a difference!

  • The Drake House: September 2020 Pledge

    The Drake House is tackling homelessness amongst single mothers and children all throughout North Atlanta. Find out more about their history, the impact they have on our community, and how you can get involved!

    Grab your Peachapalooza T-shirt to show support for The Drake House. Peach Coffee Roasters is donating 3% of all purchases through September to TDH. 


  • 2 Year Anniversary: A Pledge

    As our 2nd anniversary approaches, we are celebrating the milestone by partnering with local organizations focused on enriching people's lives and protecting our environment. We want to connect more people to these amazing causes really making a tangible difference in our communities. For our part, 3% of revenue will be donated to each featured organization for their sponsored month!