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About Us

We are on a mission at Peach Coffee Roasters to have a positive impact on the communities we SERVE and the PEOPLE within them. Those impacts are aligned with our pursuit to promote social and environmental responsibility. Ultimately, we want to create a world that we, our children, and our children's children can inhibit. By making a conscious choice to drink sustainable coffee from an environmentally aware and socially responsible company, you can have a positive impact now and for future generations.  We believe that y’all deserve the finer things in life...and it starts with coffee.

Peach Coffee Roaster’s Core Values
At Peach Coffee Roasters we have seven core values that we live by everyday - both in the easy times and also the difficult times.  We apply these values to every decision we make for the company.  Our Values are:
  1. Positive Attitude – No Negativity Allowed
  2. Environmental Responsibility – Taking care of the planet for future generations
  3. Adaptability – Being cool under pressure and being able to change course if things are not going as planned.
  4. Community Involvement – Being a stable pillar for the communities we serve
  5. Humility -  Our validation does not come from coffee but how we treat people 
  6. Empowerment – In absence of direction make decisions
  7. Selfless Service – Putting others needs before one’s own

Click on a Polaroid to learn more about each of our staff. 

David Pittman

Co-Founder - Q Grader - Military Veteran

David graduated from Georgia Southern University with a History degree in 2001 and a master’s certificate in Public Administration at Kansas State University. David spent 11 years in the military as an Army Ranger Captain, served two combat tours, and was awarded three Bronze Star medals with Valor device, Army Ranger Tab, Combat Action Badge, Airborne Badge, and Air Assault Badge.

For coffee, David has experience as a Head Roaster, Barista, and Q-Grader. After military life, David found himself living in Belgium where he discovered specialty coffee. He helped an American couple open a coffee shop from the ground up. Coffee became a thoroughly researched topic for David. If there is a book on coffee, he has probably read it.

He and his family relocated back to Georgia in 2016. Upon his return, he happened into a dream job scenario and became the head roaster of Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company. He spent much of his time there improving production processes and creating quality control protocol. David also mentored numerous coffee professionals in his time there, some have become head roasters at other companies, some have started their own roasting companies. Overall, David is a teacher and a good one at that.

David left Land of a Thousand Hills in 2017 for Thrive Farmers Coffee. They are best known for supplying the coffee for Chick-Fil-A. David consulted for Thrive on warehouse operations and logistics. Taking what he learned from 12 years of military experience, to include multiple overseas deployments, and his time at Land of a Thousand Hills, he was able to improve product flow and inventory systems in a short amount of time. However, David was feeling the urge to do more, he wanted to roast again, he wanted to mentor again. Early in 2018, he reconnected with his current business partner, Landon Bonner, to begin planning their venture. He has not looked back since.

Landon Bonner

Co-founder - Q Grader - Coach

Landon started in coffee in 2014 and has been a Q-Grader, barista, roaster and green buyer. However, his journey into coffee was by chance. Landon left his hometown of Marietta, GA in 2011 to play college football at the University of Charleston, WV for 5 years. There, he earned two bachelor's degrees and an MBA. While studying and hitting the gridiron, he found his first coffee job as a barista in a local market. Landon quickly learned the nuances of specialty coffee and developed a passion for the services industry.

When it was time to leave Charleston home was calling. Landon always thought to pursue a career in Business Analytics and Consulting. A natural with numbers and a statistical understanding of human behavior, he knew his work should always produce financially stable business practices that fit within the human element. His first opportunity came in 2016 at Land of a Thousand Hills where he helped purchase the Kivu Lake washing station in Rwanda. The new washing station gave over 1,000 coffee farmers above Fair-Trade value wages. With green coffee availability doubling for the company. Landon then assisted in establishing three new cafes in the Greater Atlanta Area, also doubling the retail operations of the company and sustaining the need for newly available green coffee from Kivu.

Landon decided to leave Land of a Thousand Hills in 2017 to pursue more consultative opportunities for small business. He always found himself working with Cafes in some capacity. In most of his experience around the service industry, he noticed a trend - Companies are failing to invest in their employees. He made up his mind that building a business model focused on employee development was the next step. However, Coffee was not ready for him to leave. After a year of freelance, Landon and David reunited to embark on their vision for a better small business model. They decided to start with coffee.

Kelsey Claster

Cafe Manager

Kelsey's adventure in coffee started way-back-when at a certain famous coffee chain. Her time there didn’t last long, but instead she began to learn a lot more about coffee on her own time and began visiting local specialty shops. When she moved out, she was able to get a job at a cafe & roaster in Smyrna, where she stayed for a year before discovering a new opportunity here at Peach.

Currently, Kelsey is a Senior at Kennesaw State University studying Entrepreneurship with a minor in Information Systems.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking near the Chattahoochee in Atlanta, or taking the occasional drive up the North Georgia mountains, spending too much money on houseplants, and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

Joshua Puckett

Roaster & Q-Grader

It’s kind of a crazy story of how I fit into coffee. It was in 2008 and I went on a trip to Guatemala. However one day of the trip we actually went to a coffee farm not far outside of Antigua.

It was there that I got absolutely hooked. It was the end of the harvest season, thus I got to see every hand that was involved in the process. From the tree nursery to the processing & drying, to the roaster, to an espresso cup that was given to me to try.

I was absolutely blown away that coffee was this complex & connected so many people. All those connections just through what I thought was a “simple” drink. But I was far from the truth.

A few years after that I started trying to get my hands on every coffee I could get to see the unique properties & differences in every cup. (Input coffee & Pokédex comparison here)

Eventually that love & desire to learn turned into me working in Louisville in coffee for a few years & then training myself to become a licensed Q grader where I met Landon.

One of the most enduring things to me about coffee is the different kind of connections and relationships it can bring. Rather than be hundreds of 30-60 second interactions with a customer, that turn into amazing friendships. Or the years spent & memories made with good friends in the industry. It is always beautiful, different, & ever-changing, kind of like coffee.

At Peach, I am the Roaster & Educator.

Outside of coffee & Peach, I am the proud dad to my 2 year old son Ransom. I am also a big film photography enthusiasts & scan slides for people. I love being able to reconnect people to old memories & stories that may have been forgotten. Also, I really enjoy a good card or board game as well as some D&D, because everyone loves a good story.

My interesting fact is usually coffee-related but something interesting about me is that I’m a huge Studio Ghibli fan. If you ever notice the pin on my hat it’s a character from Studio Ghibli that is very dear to me.


Emma Roberts

Team Member

Growing up, I remember coffee being a crucial part of my dad’s morning routine. Sunday mornings I would try a little coffee with cream and sugar for myself, which I enjoyed. In high school I would bring my coffee to school every morning and it was a known thing that I was the “coffee girl.” Finally I realized I should pursue a job in coffee, so I applied to a local coffee shop. From there my passion for coffee has only increased.

There are so many things to enjoy about coffee: the taste, the ability to always learn and improve something, the science and the art of coffee. But the thing I most like about coffee is there is always something new to taste, create, or discover in coffee. Depending on the origin of the coffee bean, the roast, the method it’s made (espresso, pour over, cappuccino), there will always be new things to try in the coffee world. I think this keeps it exciting and fun to always have the ability to experiment and explore coffee.

Within the coffee industry, I have had the chance to be the “lead barista” or “coffee manager” at a local coffee shop. I have also gotten training at Counter Culture Coffee in Atlanta. Outside of coffee, I have worked in a hydroponic greenhouse and have also done portrait photography.

I am extremely interested in music, photography, and drawing. In recent years I’ve learned the ukulele and the guitar and gotten really into singing. With photography, I really love being able to capture a moment and tell a story in a still image. Similar to photography, I love capturing a moment in a drawing. I especially love photographing/drawing portraits because I think that every individual has a unique story and life experience that can be told through art.

A fun fact about me is that I lived outside of the country for over two months in 2019. I lived in Scotland and Belgium and also got to visit Germany and France while I was there. And I hope to travel more throughout my life!

Luis Mora


I’ve been drinking Cuban coffee for as long as I could remember. I still have a vivid memory of trying coffee for the first time on Christmas Eve when I was 6 years old.  It’s been an obsession ever since. I worked for the Siren for 7 years and that cemented my passion for all things coffee.

I love the entire process behind coffee. From the way the drying method can subtly change the flavor of the bean when roasted, to the different methods used to brew it. I worked at Starbucks for 7 years, going through their Coffee Master certification program. I worked as a Creative at Apple for four years and started a lifestyle clothing brand with Leica Store Miami. I’m completely fluent in Spanish and dabble in Japanese.

I like making things. I’m a tinkerer, I enjoy taking electronics apart and putting them back together.  I love music, I play Trumpet, French Horn, and occasionally the Ukulele. As a fun fact I toured the country for two summers as a member of the Concord Blue Devils, a competitive drum and bugle corps based out of Concord, CA, winning the national championship in 2007.

Andrew Guiterrez

Team Member

My brother’s passion for coffee inspired me to think about coffee. I enjoy the coffee community and the science of behind it. I like to adventure and creativity.  I row during the week and one fun fact about me is that I’ve been to Cuba.

I like adventure and creativity.

Andrew Lee

Team Member

Andrew’s passion for coffee started back in college when he became more aware of the ethics behind the work of farmers and growers and wanted to make an effort in supporting a more sustainable cup. One of his favorite conversation topics with customers is the state of coffee culture today and prides himself on his eclectic music taste ranging from future bass, to funky disco-infused J-rock, and even hardcore punk and metal.

Interesting fact: Andrew wears the same outfit everyday taking a nod from major tech CEO’s like Steve Jobs and the like.