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Leadership Team & Company Values


Peach Coffee Roaster’s Core Values
At Peach Coffee Roasters we have seven core values that we live by every day. We apply these values to every decision we make for the company.  
  1. Positive Attitude – No Negativity Allowed
  2. Environmental Responsibility – Taking care of the planet for future generations
  3. Adaptability – Being cool under pressure and changing course if things are not going as planned.
  4. Community Involvement – Being a stable pillar for the communities we serve
  5. Humility -  Our validation does not come from coffee but how we treat people 
  6. Empowerment – In absence of direction make decisions
  7. Southern Hospitality – Selflessly serving with kindness, confidence, and courtesy 

Leadership Team

David Pittman

Co-Founder - Q Grader - Veteran

David graduated from Georgia Southern University and received a master’s certificate in Public Administration at Kansas State University. David spent 11 years in the military as an Army Ranger Captain, served two combat tours, and was awarded three Bronze Star medals with Valor device, Army Ranger Tab, Combat Action Badge, Airborne Badge, and Air Assault Badge.

For coffee, David has experience as a Head Roaster, Green Coffee Buyer, Barista, and Q-Grader. David's coffee career began in Belgium in 2015 when he helped an American couple open a coffee shop from the ground up. Coffee became a thoroughly researched topic for David. If there is a book on coffee, he has probably read it.

He and his family relocated back to Georgia in 2016. Upon his return, he became the head roaster of Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company.

David left Land of a Thousand Hills in 2017 for Thrive Farmers Coffee. They are best known for supplying the coffee for Chick-Fil-A. Early in 2018, he reconnected with his current business partner, Landon Bonner, to open Peach Coffee Roasters.

Landon Bonner

Co-Founder - Q Grader - Coach

Landon started in coffee in 2014 and has been a Q-Grader, barista, roaster, and green buyer. Landon left his hometown of Marietta, GA in 2011 to play college football at the University of Charleston, WV. There, he earned two bachelor's degrees and an MBA. While studying and hitting the gridiron, he found his first coffee job as a barista in a local market. Landon quickly learned the nuances of specialty coffee and developed a passion for the services industry.

When it was time to leave Charleston home was calling. His first post-college job came in 2016 at Land of a Thousand Hills where he helped purchase the Kivu Lake washing station in Rwanda and assisted in establishing three new cafes in the Greater Atlanta Area, doubling the retail operations of the company.

Landon left Land of a Thousand Hills in 2017 to consult for small businesses. In most of his experience around the service industry, he noticed a trend - Companies are failing to invest in their employees. He made up his mind that building a business model focused on employee development was the next step. In 2018, Landon and David reunited to embark on their vision for a better small business model. They decided to start with coffee.

Patricia Park

Retail Operations - Human Resources

Josh Puckett

Roaster - Q Grader

It’s kind of a crazy story of how I fit into coffee. It was in 2008 and I went on a trip to Guatemala. However one day of the trip we actually went to a coffee farm not far outside of Antigua. It was there that I got absolutely hooked. It was the end of the harvest season, thus I got to see every hand that was involved in the process. From the tree nursery to the processing & drying, to the roaster, to an espresso cup that was given to me to try.

I was absolutely blown away that coffee was this complex & connected so many people. All those connections just through what I thought was a “simple” drink. But I was far from the truth.

Eventually that love & desire to learn turned into me working in Louisville in coffee for a few years & then training myself to become a licensed Q grader where I met Landon.

At Peach, I am the Roaster & Educator. Outside of coffee & Peach, I am the proud dad to my 2 year old son Ransom. I am also a big film photography enthusiasts & scan slides for people. I love being able to reconnect people to old memories & stories that may have been forgotten. Also, I really enjoy a good card or board game as well as some D&D, because everyone loves a good story.

Emma Roberts

Brand Manager

Bill Nigut

Director of Partnerships & Marketing

HQ stories

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