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Zoom 21st Century Coffee: A Guide By Kenneth Davids Peach Coffee Roasters
Zoom 21st Century Coffee: A Guide By Kenneth Davids Peach Coffee Roasters

21st Century Coffee: A Guide By Kenneth Davids

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Brings Kenneth Davids’ accessible writing voice and 40 years of coffee experience to a comprehensive introduction to virtually everything about coffee, including the game-changing new developments that have taken place over the past two decades. These are developments Davids has been part of week by week and cup by cup over the last 25 years as editor and lead writer of Coffee Review.

What’s Inside 21st Century Coffee: A Guide

Currently the world’s most complete and up-to-date general introduction to coffee from seed to cup. It includes:

A lucid, cut-to-the-chase history of coffee, including its recent emergence as a complex and refined specialty beverage.

A friendly but thorough introduction to coffee tasting and evaluation.

Detailed chapters on tree variety and processing methods.

Coffee origins presented in more detail than ever before in a single volume.

An overview of coffee's environmental and socio-economic issues.

An introduction to coffee roasting and profiling.

Brewing principals and step-by-step instructions for most major brewing methods.

289 large-format pages. Softcover.

170 photographs, 26 maps, 27 tables and infographics.



The book offers particularly detailed chapters on coffee tasting and language, recent specialty coffee history, tree varieties, the latest processing wrinkles, and well-illustrated chapters (with maps, of course) on various coffee origins. Rather than simple histories focused on geography with a few lines on tasting and coffee types, Davids offers detailed analyses of the coffees produced in these countries, including both traditional and new coffee types and assessments of social and environmental issues. He concludes with chapters on coffee roasting, lots on brewing, on big-picture environmental and social issues, on coffee and health, and an afterword on the impact and challenges of espresso brewing.

He offers provocative asides, too, on the relationship between coffee and wine, on whether the historic success of coffee as a beverage is owing to its taste or its caffeine content, and much more.

21st Century Coffee: A Guide By Kenneth Davids



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