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Huila, Colombia - Medium Roast Single Origin

Peach Coffee Roasters

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Medium - Single Origin - Colombia 

Caramel  l  Honey  l  Cherry 


An outstanding crafted cup of coffee that pulls lightly on the sweeter side. It has a silky body with hints and traces of tropical fruits that make up delicious cup. 

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New coffee alert! Finca La Laja, Cauca, Colombia

All because of James Fernandez Vivas’ decision to save enough money for a plot of land in 2004, we are able to experience this amazing coffee. The coffee is sourced from Vivas’ 17 acres of land, La Laja.   This medium-bodied Colombian roast packs a sweet taste with tart fruit acidity and a heavy creamy mouthfeel; lots of sugar flavor with cane sugar, savory ripe fruit, and apple + red grape flavors. The Finca La Laja is a rare find!


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