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Dirty South - WS - Peach Coffee Roasters
Dirty South - WS - Peach Coffee Roasters
Dirty South - WS - Peach Coffee Roasters
Dirty South - WS - Peach Coffee Roasters

Dirty South - WS

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Dark Roast

Flavor Profile

  • Chocolate

  • Syrup

Medium / Dark - Blend 

Brown Sugar  l  Citrus  l  Almond 


 … Once considered a term representing coffee suited for only the most daring consumers ready to take on the day, is now muddled with complications of accuracy, centered around what could be a sad attempt to standardize the industry’s definitions. It is no wonder why the typical online shopper often finds themselves confused while navigating through a system of information designed by the a-typical enthusiasts. Even if so, it seems every dark roast you buy differs from the next. Some are too ashy. Some lack complexity. Some taste like green peppers because maybe roasting that Rwandan to a Continental wasn’t such a good idea. 

 Back in the day, you could count on a solid dark roast to produce nothing less than a smooth, sweet cup of coffee with a hint of a roasty finish. Perhaps the brew even had some tree nut nuance and enough sweetness where no cream or sugar was necessary. Even if you did, your taste buds still exploded with that deep, rich flavor we all call coffee. Makes for the perfect everyday brew, right? Peach Coffee Roasters’ Dirty South is the quintessential example of that cup you expect to, at the very least, taste like coffee. Want more? Trust us. It’s there. This 100% Colombian creation stirs up nostalgic acidities that only remind you best of Grandma’s handpicked Florida grapefruits. You know; the ones awaiting you every breakfast during that week mom and dad sent you away one summer while they took a trip to the Caribbean. However, not quite as bitter as that experience. Each sip is filled with syrupy sweetness rivaling any additive on the market. Who needs Monkfruit anyways? Just when you think indulgence within the arbitrary task of choosing a beverage couldn’t get any better, that lingering sense of satisfaction we call aftertaste leaves behind the simplest delight of toasted almonds. AHHHHH! (picture your face melting from contentment)

 We believe there is no better coffee to fix up. Dirty South is the bread-and-butter coffee to every office or diner mug out there. We think so much of the Dirty South that we’ve written out this ridiculous soliloquy just to prove our point. Sure, it might technically only qualify as a medium-dark, full city roast at best. However, it is dark to us, and we love it. We think you will too!