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*Pre Order - Ships on August 23rd* Guatemala, Huehuetenango ACODIHUE  - Medium Roast - Washed - Peach Coffee Roasters

WS Guatemala, Huehuetenango ACODIHUE - Medium Roast - Washed

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Flavor Profile

  • Cherry

  • Chocolate

  • Floral

  • Smooth

Washed - Huehuetenango - Guatemala

Peach Blossom - Dried Cherry - Chocolate Sweetness

We’ve searched for the best Guatemalan out there (we mean the BEST), and here it is – Huehuetenango ACODIHUE. This is our second Guatemalan at Peach, and ACODIHUE showcases all of the best coffee qualities the country offers. Filled with rich chocolate notes, you will be delightfully surprised by the pear, dried cherry, and peach tea-like flavors that come through. We are practically gulping this coffee down! We are thrilled to carry ACODIHUE as part of our Ripe For The Picking (RFTP) series.

No exception from our other RFTP choices, the ACODIHUE is the cream of the crop in Guatemala. It certainly meets our standards in cup quality and sourcing ethics. Founded in 1996, the co-op is female led and operated. ACODIHUE’s coffee is 80% grown by indigenous women producers from Cuchumatan, a Huehuetenango municipality. The municipal sits in the highest non-volcanic mountain range, Sierra de los Cuchumantanes.

The high ratio of women producers in the region is a result of men migrating to the United States. This leaves women to be responsible for the families and land. ACODIHUE received “Manos de Mujer” or “Women’s Hands” certification in recognition for their contribution to society. The co-op is also focused on generational growth by promoting and supporting farm inheritance. Several programs provide specific skillset training for children to effectively take up their family’s work in adulthood.