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Zoom Java, Riunggunung - Light Roast - Anaerobic Natural Peach Coffee Roasters

Java, Riunggunung - Light Roast - Anaerobic Natural

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Medium - Single Origin - Java

Clear Gummy Bear l Grapefruit l Guava Juice | Earl Gray 

One of Peach’s defining goals is to source and roast the best coffees each region has to offer. We source the best coffees we can find and roast them to bring out as much of their potential as possible. This pursuit has led us to amazing coffees from around the world - from our roast of a Costa Rican anaerobically processed microlot that won us a Good Foods award to the decorated Sumatran Lintong, a mainstay on our menu. 

No shortage of exceptional Indonesian coffees have come through our doors, but this Riunggung Estate anaerobic natural process from Java immediately stood out from the rest. Riunggunung Estate is a 10-hectare farm full of a selection of different varieties commonly found in Java. This lot in particular is from the most elevated point of the estate. High elevation brings a high-risk, high-reward proposition to farmers. Cooler nights and warmer days cause the cherries to ripen slower, thus absorbing more nutrients and becoming sweeter with  more nuanced flavor. However, the risk with this is that on very cold evenings the coffee trees could potentially frost over, which can devastate production. With increased risk come even more work than usual to oversee proper farming, and Riunggunung Estate managed this perfectly. The resulting coffee is complex and nuanced. It reminds us of grapefruit, guava & earl grey. 


Java, Riunggunung - Light Roast - Anaerobic Natural



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