Decaf Colombia - Swiss Water Process

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Medium - Swiss Water Process Organic

Smooth  l  Vanilla l  Sweet 

This isn't your typical decaf, but instead, it's a smooth brew from start to finish. In fact, you won't even know you are drinking decaf it's so good. This Colombian bean pulls out hints of vanilla and light accents of chocolate. It's one to enjoy on any occasion any day. 

Our Decaf beans also go through the Swiss Water® Process, which utilizes elements such as water, temperature, and time to create some of the best decaffeinated coffee. Swiss Water is a certified organic company that ensures the beans processed maintain their organic nature throughout the decaffeinating course all the way into the roasting procedures. 

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NEW COFFEE ALERT! If there ever was a coffee as good as southern sweet tea, the Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea meets the mark. With taste notes of black tea, and a candied sweetness it rivals its steeped counterpart.


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