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Peach Coffee Roaster’s Core Values

Peach Coffee Roaster’s Core Values
At Peach Coffee Roasters we have seven core values that we live by everyday - both in the easy times and also the difficult times.  We apply these values to every decision we make for the company.  Our Values are:
  1. Positive Attitude – No Negativity Allowed
  2. Environmental Responsibility – Taking care of the planet for future generations
  3. Adaptability – Being cool under pressure - "slow is smooth and smooth is fast" - and being able to change course if things are not going as planned.
  4. Community Involvement – Being a stable pillar for the communities we serve
  5. Humility -  Our validation does not come from coffee but how we treat people 
  6. Empowerment – In absence of direction make decisions
  7. Selfless Service – Putting others needs before one’s own