David and Landon have been coffee journeymen for a combined decade. From barista gigs in West Virginia and Belgium to roasting, cup grading, and warehouse packing, they have done it all. If there is one thing they have learned in these experiences, coffee is seriously hard work.

So, they asked themselves some simple questions, “who should benefit from this hard work? Who usually benefits?” Therefore, these two coffee nerds joined together to create a place of work that values sweat-equity by empowering and growing the members of the team. With the successes of that empowerment, reward always follows.

Peach Coffee Roasters is about the people that work here and the people we serve. Shoot… these gents could be selling pillows or propane, but the values would stay the same. They just chose coffee. We hope you join them in choosing coffee, too. Stay peachy.

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NEW COFFEE ALERT! If there ever was a coffee as good as southern sweet tea, the Mount Hagen Papua New Guinea meets the mark. With taste notes of black tea, and a candied sweetness it rivals its steeped counterpart.


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