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Zoom Colombia, UVI Cochidas  - Medium Roast - Washed Peach Coffee Roasters

Colombia, UVI Cochadas - Medium Roast - Washed

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Medium - Single Origin - Colombia

Blood Orange l Peach Tea l  Ginger Molasses Cookie 

Unblended Ventola Institute (UVI) describes itself as an incubator for young coffee growers to become young coffee entrepreneurs. As the average coffee grower age in Colombia exceeds 60 years old, UVI challenges the belief that coffee farming is an inherently stagnant destiny and invests in generational handoff through mentorship and community. They teach young producers how to understand the business of farming, build their portfolios by learning new techniques, and engage with the growing global specialty coffee market.

We are thrilled to support UVI’s mission and bring you this exceptional coffee from their members. Grown and processed on the slopes of the Colombian Andes, the coffees harvested for this blend were hand picked daily and fermented for 4-5 days before depulping. This extended fermentation encourages a more complex acidity reminiscent of blood orange. We also taste notes of peach tea and a warm, ginger-like spice. 



Colombia, UVI Cochadas - Medium Roast - Washed



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