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“Panela Sticky” Pink Bourbon Colombia

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The "Panela Sticky" Pink Bourbon is an exceptional coffee, with a tasting experience that we are certain you will love. Sourced from José Giraldo of Café 1959, we are confident that the taste of this coffee reflects the intentionality and integrity of the farm where it was grown. While trying this coffee, we picked up on some delightful notes of crisp citrus, lady grey tea, a kiwi mouth feel and acidity, and a honey sweetness that brings it all together.  

Farm: El Diamante Estate

Location: Acevedo, Huila

Processed at: La Clarita Drying Station, Armenia Quindio

Altitude: 1.750 MASL

Importer: Yellow Rooster 

At the farm of El Diamante Estate, the coffee cherries are collected at the peak of ripeness. Because of its bright pink color (22 Brix degrees), this variety is named “Pink Bourbon.” It is theorized that the coffee is a cross mutation between native Ethiopian accession and bourbon plants. With a combination of good production and the beautiful pink ripening, Pink Bourbon provides some of the sweetest cups - some of Peach’s crowd-favorite coffees come from this variety.

Located in the South of the Huila region, this coffee grows in the 1.750 MASL. As part of our program in Cafe 1959 (where a variety of cherries from different farms are processed), we aim to create a product that is sweet, clean, bright, and easy to drink, which is made possible with the partnership of El Diamante.

Pink Bourbon has the perfect level of sweetness for pursuing the creation of the “Panela Sticky.” The cherries were collected and put into Grainpro Bags in order to start the 13-hour nighttime trip from Huila to Quindio (where the Cafe 1959 fermentation and drying facility is located). Traveling during the night helps us to control the temperature in the first stage of fermentation, which takes place in the truck. After arriving in Quindio and completing the 24-hour fermentation, we pulped the coffee and then we put it into closed tanks in order to have another 24 hr anaerobic fermentation. After opening the tank, washing the coffee, and putting it back into a dry, closed tank for yet another 24 hr fermentation, we rinsed it and then put it into the raised drying beds. We then send this coffee to slowly dry for about 40 days (on average) under shade. 

“Panela Sticky” Pink Bourbon Colombia



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