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Zoom Asia Region - Tri-pack Peach Coffee Roasters

Asia Region - Tri-pack

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Coffees featured for this limited edition sample pack. 

  1. Vietnam Cau Dat - Past 
  2. Sumatra Lintong - Present 
  3. Java Riunggunung- Future

What is this for

This  educational set of coffees showcases the best of the wonderful coffee-growing regions in Asia and helps us in a small way to see where coffee has been, where it is now & where it is going

Sharing this wonderful experience we call coffee through classes and cuppings has been at our foundation since we started in 2018. 

As we have been through many events those classes & initial cuppings have been close to our heart. When we tried these three Asian coffees we couldn’t help but to be excited to talk about these together. Even if we may not have classes we still want to share the love and excitement with our community. 

Coffee is such a diverse product that really gives us a lot of opportunities for new experiences in each cup. 

So! Without further ado let us introduce the first coffee in this sample pack & talk about where coffee has been. 

Vietnam - The Cau Dat is a new coffee we just got in a few weeks ago that really shows how coffee has come such a long way in the last few centuries. Vietnam was one of the first origins outside of Brazil that started producing robusta coffee en masse to feed the growing desire for coffee and has been known as the backbone of the coffee industry all the way up to current times as it produces more coffee than any other country besides Brazil. 

Sumatra - The Lintong has been a staple of ours since we opened our doors. It was the first coffee that really helped us define what we try to do at Peach in finding the best of each region. this origin has not been in speciality nearly as long as some of the more known origins like Ethiopia, Java, or Vietnam but with how far coffee has come in the last few years more and more specialty coffees from Sumatra have hit the market Lintong, as a pulp natural process, has a distinct flavor profile that really offers something special and different from other origins. 

Java - Java has been a very limited origin for the US Specialty Coffee industry but is growing rapidly as people desire more coffees from less-known origins like Yemen, Mokha & Java. This one in particular has a lot of coffee history but what is most exciting is that it undergoes an experimental natural anaerobic process, a prime example of how the Speciality industry is trying to move forward with experimenting with new processes & ways to innovate to create truly something beautiful. 

These three coffees together show a variety of the best of Asia and give us a great example of also to talk a little how special this trio is with a little of it’s history & where things are changing as coffee grows forward with fun experimental processing to give such unique tasting experiences. 

Needless to say with all this we are excited & we hope you enjoy every sip of this experiential triad as much as we do. Peace & Good Vibes - Roaster Josh ✨


Asia Region - Tri-pack



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