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2 Year Anniversary: A Pledge

Peach Coffee Roasters was founded on a simple principle – have a bigger impact on stakeholders. We wanted to generate better opportunities for food service professionals. We also wanted to put more meaning in a company value that is often overused with little contributions to support the claim: Community. We recognize that small businesses play an immeasurable role in their communities. They often reflect the interests, styles, rhythms, and tastes of their patrons. They build a certain level of trust by providing third spaces and serving an excellent product and experience. That earned trust, however, calls on small businesses with an obligation to lead. If this year has shown us anything, leadership is in demand, and we all can do more to help those in need. 

Our team serving a Peach patron. (From front to back: Lauren, Kara, Kelsey, and LandonA community is a feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals. The goals should be to elevate those in need. Our community is only as good as those left behind. It is our 
responsibility as a leader to connect more people together for common good and to protect the environment we inhabit. That is why Peach Coffee Roasters pledges to donated 3% of revenue to local organizations elevating the vulnerable and protecting those in need.


Each month, we will select a new, local organization that directly impacts the communities we serve. Our goal is to connect people to their work and further grow Pictured here is the head roaster, Josh Puckett, diligently working on a mail delivery order. All online orders come with free shipping.
those impacts. It can be as simple as drinking a cup of coffee. Yeah, that thing we do every day. We also hope that people take greater interest in the work these organizations do for our communities. We will tell their stories and share more opportunities that we all can partake to do more.


Our first month’s pledge will feature The Drake House; A nonprofit organization responding to the growing numbers of women and children experiencing homelessness. Their mission is to provide a lifeline of supportive housing and enrichment programs for homeless mothers and their children in north metro Atlanta. Just this year, they celebrated the housing of their 500th family. Be on the lookout for our next blog as we take a deeper look at The Drake House. You can also learn more about this amazing organization and their work at

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